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Project Overview

There was large amount of plastic being discarded in our college everyday, from PET bottles , spoons and cups. We thought, why not convert these plastics into something useful such as fuel, as plastics is known for carrying high heat capacity. 

We designed and fabriacted an equipment to convert waste plastics to fuel. The plastic was vaporised and a two stage condenser was used to collect oil at two different temperatures. The oil obtained from the device was was blended with diesel(80%) and the mixture was tested in a Kirloskar Engine test rig. Compared to diesel, our fuel mixture provided 0.32% more power. The Oil’s characteristics such as Density, Viscosity, Calorific value, Flash point and Fire point, and Cloud and Pour point were determined by running different experiments.

distillation test.JPG
plastics project.JPG
viscosity test.JPG
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