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Purdue Electric Racing

Project Overview

Purdue Electric Racing is a team dedicated to building an electric race car for competing in the Fsae Electrtic competition. Students from different discipline join, with a goal of building an electric race car. I joined the Purdue Electric Racing team in 2015 as a part of their Battery Team. 

I designed the over current protection system for each individual cells, to protect the battery pack, when an individual cell shorts. We built the battery pack and tested it with the battery management system. We used Lipo Melasta pouch cells, as they had very high energy density and the cells do not heat up at high current discharge rates. We pre-balanced the cells before assembling, so that cells have the same State of Charge. The capacity of our battery pack was 7.2 KWh. 

We presented a working car at the race and passed all the tech inspection and were placed 6 of out 20 teams to qualify the technical inspection. We could not particpate in the final race due to techinical faults in the breaking system.

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