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Project Overview

In industry the gears are usually made by casting a cylinder and then using a gear hobbing machine to create the teeth on the cylinder.We wanted to reduce the number of process,so we devised a way to manufacture gears with teeth by casting.

We initially designed a gating system and simulated the model in MAGMA5.2 to understand the casting process. Then we iterated several times to reduce the porosity and other hotspots in our model. We 3D printed the gear pattern, then made a mold using silica gel infused with CO2, which makes the mold very hard, so it does not destroy the pattern while removing it from the mold. The casting yield was 76.8%. We presented the model at the American Foundry Society conference.

gear model.PNG
iteration1 porosity.png
iteration1 temp.jpg
iteration2 porosity.png
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