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Project Overview

I like to trek, but my cell phone looses charge before i complete my hike, so i wanted to solve the issue of charging my electronic gadgets while going on long treks.

We brainstormed on different ways of solvin the problem, we narrowed down to two concepts: (a) use a Four bar mechanism, where the the small link will be connected to a generator, or (b) use gears to increase the number of revolution in the final gear, which will in turn drive the generator.
We analysed the pros and cons of both the concepts, and finalized the gear mechanism. We designed and prototyped the deivce, to be strapped on the leg to convert the leg’s translatory motion to rotational motion using rachet mechanism and gears to increase the speed of the input generator shaft. Balsa wood was used as the frame and the gears were made of plastic. We used a Boost Buck circuit to step up the potential and also to supply uninterrupted power. 
The device generated 3 volts and 160mAh at a walking speed of 6Km/hr.

gear cad.JPG
fourbar cad.JPG
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