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Project Overview

The Biowall is a plant-based filter system to improve indoor air quality (removes Volatile organic compounds, VOCs). It is installed with the Forced Air system in the building. It will be implemented at Whirlpool Reneww house at Purdue University with the goal of developing an energy effecient filter system. The entire project was designed and developed at the Applied Energy Lab and I was responsibile to build the control system for the project.

The Biowall uses a ME 812u BACnet controller from Automated Logic which enables upload of different control code to perform different operations individually. First we made a schematic diagram to identify the different sensors that will be used and the location of the sensors in the Biowall. Later I developed a control algorithim, which lead to development of the control code using Eikon Logic. Biowall uses a closed loop control system.

Currently, the performance of the biowall is being tested and optimized.The Biowall can be controlled from anywhere in the world through internet. The finalized biowall will be installed in the Whirlpool Renew house.

biowall controller.jpg
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